Our FounderPeter Weber

After immigrating from Germany in 1863, Peter Weber purchased a farm near Theresa, WI. He later moved to Lincoln Township near Marshfield in 1904 to extend his dairy experiences and established what is now known as Weber’s Farm. In 1910, Peter, wife Elizabeth, and his son John, delivered raw milk and cream to area customers by horse and wagon. A short 10 years later, John and his wife, Margaret, purchased the farm from his parents and it was he, who built it into one of the most modern dairies in the area at that time. The demand for milk deliveries had grown to over 100 customers within the city of Marshfield. John felt that it was time to update the delivery service to better his customers and in about 1929, began using a delivery truck and reusable glass bottles. John’s entire family, including his children, continued working the delivery route all while managing daily farming demands.


The Beginning ofWeber’s Farm Store

One of John’s children, Joseph along with his wife Bernadine, purchased the established farm and developing business from Joseph’s parents in 1951.

It was their dream to build a dairy retail business that would provide the freshest milk products in the area. That founding mission is still one that we are proud to produce by today. The Weber’s Farm Store was opened in 1955 as a retail outlet located on the farm site. Initially, customers could bring their own containers to be filled with whole milk, around 1964 State law changed and milk could no longer be placed in customer provided bottles and could only be sold in the reusable glass bottles. The Weber family began bottling milk in glass bottles and sold exclusively from the retail store. They also opened a drive up window for more convenient customer service.

Most of the work was handled by the family including the five children of Joseph and Bernadine Weber. As technology developed, so did the services provided by the Weber family. In 1973 they began to package their milk in pouches rather than bottles. Eliminating glass bottles it allowed a quicker turnaround and less hassle for the customers. It also allowed for the addition of 2% Reduced Fat Milk, Skim, 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk, and Reduced Fat Holiday Eggnog.


Joseph’s daughter, Joellen, had grown up working on the farm alongside her siblings. She found love and moved on, but in 1995 found herself back where she started again. Joellen’s husband, Ken, also came from a family of entrepreneurs. Ken is a master cheesemaker and his family knows the dairy industry very well. In 1995, the Heiman families purchased Weber’s Farm and Weber’s Farm Store and now includes 1% Lowfat Milk, Award Winning Kefir, and Flavored Milk. Demand continues to grow and business continues to grow to meet our customer’s needs. Weber’s Farm Store now has a delivery route, not directly to customers, but to local businesses and schools within a 60 mile radius of Marshfield. The store has been updated to allow the sale of more products. All of the milk sold continues to come solely from our animals, but any extra milk goes to the cheese factory, Nasonville Dairy.


Two of the senior owners, Ken and Kelvin Heiman, continue to be influential in Weber’s but most of the decisions these days are being made by the fifth generation owners. Ryan and Josh Heiman (sons of Ken) and Andy (son of Kelvin) have taken on active roles at Weber’s. Andy and Josh primarily focus on herd and crop management. Ryan helps with managing and production. While these boys are the fifth generation owners, it is important to emphasize that family is our foundation for success. In the past, today and in the future, Weber’s will continue to be run by family and it is not uncommon to see one of the owner’s, their partner or one of their kids in the store or in the field.

The SimpleThings of Life

We continue to focus on family and providing the best products to our customers. Therefore A2 Protein Milk was introduced into our business for the customers that are lactose intolerant. Now, the whole family can get back to enjoying the great taste and whole nutrition of our milk. The whole family is always welcome at Weber’s Farm Store. Bring them with you to check out our children’s playground and sit back to watch your kids enjoy the simple things in life.