• Original Weber's Farm Milk Bottles – 1900-1930's

    John P. Weber Milk Bottles used from 1929-1945

  • Milk Bottles and Crate – 1930's-1973

    Weber's Farm Milk Bottles and Crate used from 1959-1973

  • Milk Pouch

    Today's Weber's Farm Milk Pouch in use since 1973

Weber's Farm Store Milk – fresh, market direct, high-quality Holstein milk

Weber's Farm Store produces, processes, and retails milk at our farmstead-retail store location.

Milk is available for purchase by the half gallon or by the gallon. The milk is packaged in half gallon pouches, so a one gallon purchase is simply two half gallons packaged together as shown in the photograph above. Pour the milk by placing a pouch in one of our milk pitchers available in the store. Next, cut a top corner of the pouch, pour and enjoy!

Produced Daily
Our milk is produced on site and often sold short hours after it is processed as our production, processing, and packaging facilities are all part of our retail location. Being able to purchase direct from the dairy provides a quick turn around time from milking parlor to your table that helps ensure freshness. In addition, our milk if free of added bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

Because our milk is produced fresh daily and sold at the source, we are able to offer our milk for a price unmatched by supermarket shelves. With the average family consuming over 55 gallons of milk per year, the savings will add up.

Quality, Holstein Milk
Weber’s Farm Store milk comes from Holstein cows that are known for exceptional production, milk fat and protein. We gently pasteurize our milk to make it safe to drink for your entire family, while keeping its delicious flavor and nutrients.

  • Whole
  • 2% Reduced Fat
  • 1% Low Fat
  • Skim
  • 2% Chocolate – Reduced Fat
  • 16oz Chugs (2% White & Chocolate)
  • Holiday Egg Nog (seasonal)
  • NEW! Kefir – Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry